Adam LeeDaylight Atheism

Big Think, 2012

by Annie Sapucaia on December 19, 2012

Adam Lee

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Atheist blogger extraordinaire Adam Lee has published his first book, Daylight Atheism (Big Think, 2012), where he makes the case that religion is harmful and that secular humanism is a much better option.   He demolishes many myths about atheism, such as that atheists don't have a moral compass, or that morality for nonbelievers is always relative.   He describes the incredible privilege that Christianity enjoys in American life, where it's deemed so normal that if anyone criticizes religious belief, it is immediately seen as an attack.  He argues that the fundamental  problem with religious belief is that it is not based on human needs or concerns, but on an idea of God's will, and the obedience to that will.  Sometimes, that so-called will matches the needs of people, and good actions can result.  However, as is also the case, that interpreted will of God can clash with the needs and desires of people, and disastrous consequences can result.

Lee, by rebuking common stereotypes about atheism, also presents secular humanism as a mentality leading to a better appreciation of this one and only life.   Essentially, he argues, life as an atheist can be a life full of meaning and wonder.

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